Will Video Impact My SEO?

video seoAlmost everyone knows about search engine optimization, or SEO. Your website title tags, metatags, content, activity, crosslinks and other factors determine how high up the list of online search results your business appears. You then fine tune your strategies to increase your ranking and prominence. Good quality content is absolutely vital. But recent years have seen a huge uptick in video postings. Do they affect SEO? Are they even considered content by search engines?

You’d better believe it. Creating and uploading video for SEO and marketing purposes is very much a thing.

Complementary to Traditional

First and foremost: traditional SEO is not going anywhere. Good content and regular blogs remain essential. Video SEO will simply add another arrow to your quiver. Maybe some people find video not as easy to produce as written content (there’s a definite art to it), but it can work very well to supplement what you’re already doing. Just stay on-topic and on-brand. Put thought into it and you can be rewarded.

Video SEO Works!

The biggest myth about using video for SEO purposes is that it isn’t as effective as blogging or article content. Follow the same rules of good SEO and you’ll see it works:

  • Videos are shared more on social media than text-only content. The more people share and link your videos, the better your SEO! Viral videos rank really well!
  • Place them in titles, descriptions, and search tags for your videos. Google will include them in search algorithms just like text content.
  • Sites with both text and video rank higher on Google.
  • If you’re still worried about SEO being affected because there’s no text, transcribe the videos and add as content.
  • Video ratings help SEO (it’s activity) while providing feedback about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Comments are good for SEO. More activity! Read and respond to them to increase engagement.

What You SEE is What You Get

One of the biggest challenges in online marketing is conversions – getting customers to pull the trigger on a product or service. Better search rankings is not the goal, but the means to an end.

You can write about your product and how fantastic it is, but many consumers are done with blind taste tests. They want demonstrations. They want to see stuff in action or how it will benefit them. Video can do that for you and offering it (with the right tags and keywords) can boost your SEO.

Increased Page Stays

You want people to find your website and then stay on it. It’s a proven metric that the longer someone remains on a page, the more likely they are to purchase, sign up, register, or keep exploring. If visitors find your video content through search engines, they’re more likely to stay on your site longer, thus boosting your conversion chances (if the video content is done right).

Difficult to Copy

Original content helps SEO. But with text content, people can copy it and paste it elsewhere without always attributing your business. Not so much with videos. Include your brand and logo in them, maybe even watermarks, links and embedded tags. These things can improve your SEO while making sure you always get credit for your video.

Make It Good for Brand Trust

Google and other search engines are definitely paying attention to video content. You may need help and advice about using video for SEO purposes. Discuss it with proven online marketing gurus. Improving your SEO with video content requires expertise and analytical data. Do it right because the image and trust of your brand, company and products are at stake.

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