What’s the Weakest Marketing Link in Your Marketing “Chain?”

Your marketing programs, activities, events, channels, methods and procedures are only as strong as the weakest marketing link in your whole marketing “chain.”  Here’s what we mean…

weakest marketing link

1. If you don’t have a product or service that enough people need or want (or could be made to want)  to make it worthwhile, you won’t prosper.

2. If the costing and pricing of your goods or services is off, you won’t prosper.

3. If you don’t know how to locate “suspects” to contact and promote to, in order to see if they are prospects, you won’t prosper.

4. If you don’t know what to say to suspects (your message) once you know how to reach them, so you can identify the prospects among them, you won’t prosper.

5. If you have no system for effectively determining where your leads or prospects came from — which of your marketing, advertising or promotional actions they responded to specifically, you won’t prosper because you will just be guessing in your future marketing activities.

weakest marketing linkNOTE: It is amazing how some businesses spend tons of money on marketing, advertising and promotion, and then just leave it up to their untrained receptionist to maybe determine where the incoming leads came from, how to respond to them correctly and/or route them properly to the right person. If I had a dollar for every business I’ve seen that had this mind-boggling weak link or massive “leak in the ship,” well…

6. If you can’t respond properly when prospects do identify themselves by expressing a reach or interest in what you offer, you won’t prosper.

7. If you can’t fairly quickly determine the actual needs, wants and expectations of your prospects who are “reaching,” you won’t prosper.

8. If you can’t make an effective sales presentation to your prospects after  you have discovered their true needs and wants, you won’t prosper.

9. If you can’t smoothly handle the “objections” that prospects come up with for not wanting to proceed further in the sales process right now, you won’t prosper – even if you know those objections are hollow excuses.

And don’t resist objections.  You are most likely going to get some.  Instead, welcome them.  Get them out into the open so they can be addressed effectively.  It is much easier for a prospect to change his mind about an objection he has when it is brought out into the open, instead of staying lodged in his head.

10. If you can’t “close” your prospects once you have them interested and involved in what you have to offer and turn them into customers, you won’t prosper. There is almost always a point in the sales cycle where there is nothing left but to just ask for the sale or “assume” the sale and sweep things forward.  And that can take some…. well, you know what mean.

11. If you can’t or won’t deliver what was promised to your prospects and customers, you definitely  will not prosper. Not for long.

weakest marketing linkBottom line is, if you are a pro, and you know you have a weak link or two in your marketing strategy, or your marketing, promotion and sales activities, you need to hammer them out of existence and really put something there.  Your success depends on it.  That is what your business needs and what your prospects and future customers or clients actually expect.

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